Android Oreo Go System Released for Low-End Devices

The latest Operation System has been done by Google, Android Oreo is newly released for flagship smartphone but Google. Their other plan is to install this OS in more entry-level smartphone segments.

As is known that the entry-level smartphone segment has a specification that is practically not so frightening, so it has many limitations to taste the latest technological innovations.

For that reason Google today officially released Android Oreo Go, light version of Android Oreo, as reported by Tech Crunch.

The plan has actually been disclosed by Google in Goolge I / O developer event last May in the United States. In today’s Google for India event, they inaugurated Android Oreo Go first released in India.

Reportedly the decision is due to see the domino qiu qiu number of users of Android operating system in India is much more United States, although not mentioned the exact number. It is known there are more than 2 billion active users of Android devices and become the most widely used operating system in the world.

As a lightweight version of Android Oreo, Android Oreo Go brings the latest Google operating system and applications that are lighter in terms of RAM consumption and memory capacity. Mentioned device with 1GB of RAM and 512MB of memory can taste Android Oreo Go.

So, what’s the difference between Android One and Android Go? If Android One is directly controlled by Google in its implementation in collaboration with smartphone vendors. Android Go is actually provided to be modified by smartphone vendors.

Both of these steps are predicted to encourage the growth of active Android devices in 2018 increased rapidly. Vendor smartphones again dare to release the entry-level smartphone more broadly, and not afraid of getting rid of the competition because of the flagship trend.

Although simple, Android Oreo Go will come with a pretty good performance. In Google claims, this operating system can work 15% faster in app performance. In addition, Google also presents a new data saver feature that will better control the consumption of app data.

For Google, this step is a challenge. The reason, this company must work hard to make the same operating system but able to run in two devices with different spec. Nevertheless, Google remains convinced the system is able to run perfectly. Moreover, Google has also released some special applications for low spec devices such as Google Go, Files Go and Youtube Go.

However, Google promises that some other Google-owned apps will also be present in Go versions like Google Assistant Go, Google Maps Go, Gmail Go, Go Gboard, until Chrome Go. The application is claimed will not take up too much RAM memory.

Reportedly the first smartphone that will use the Android system Oreo Go will be launched in India. Because Google users more in developing countries such as India and Indonesia than Google’s home country in the United States. Google will directly use the Android 8.1 Go edition version and start spreading early next year.